Schedule of Performers

Published: April 25, 2020
8:00-8:10Master of Ceremonies -- Chris Horn
8:10-8:20Robin Blount, Boone Hospital Center
8:20-8:30Dave Angle
8:30-8:40David Dearnley
8:40-8:50Steve Hollis, City of Columbia
8:50-9:00Sean Hennessy
9:00-9:10Master of Ceremonies -- Chris Horn
9:10-9:20Chris Stephens
9:20-9:30Kim Becking, Momentum Motivation
9:30-9:40Wendy Moore -- Healium
9:40-9:50Marie-Josee' Thiffault
9:50-10:00Cindy Scott
10:00-10:10Master of Ceremonies -- Elizabeth Mendenhall
10:10-10:20Broadway Christian Church
10:20-10:30Tom Andes
10:30-10:40Nikki McGruder
10:40-10:50Clayton Hicklin
10:50-11:00Neil Ostercamp
11:00-11:10Master of Ceremonies -- Elizabeth Mendenhall
11:10-11:20Salty Dawg -- Gary Coble
11:20-11:30Megan Riley and Alex Bennett
11:30-11:40Gary and Colleen Ostercamp
11:40-11:50Verna Laboy, City of Columbia
11:50-12:00Dj vanQuish
12:00-12:10Master of Ceremonies -- Lili Vianello
12:10-12:20John Galbraith
12:20-12:30Tony Lotven
12:30-12:40Anya Akhmadullina, violin & Natalia Bolshakova, piano
12:40-12:50Caitlin Cunningham
12:50-1:00Iskander Akhmadullin, trumpet & Natalia Bolshakova, piano
1:00-1:10Master of Ceremonies -- Lili Vianello
1:10-1:20Justin DiCenzo -- Elektrodinosaur
1:20-1:30Dan Viets
1:30-1:40Peter Miyamoto and Ayako Tsuruta Piano Duet
1:40-1:50The Masked Jugglers
1:50-2:00Brianna Lennon
2:00-2:10Master of Ceremonies -- John Baker
2:10-2:20David Dearnley
2:20-2:30Jet Ainsworth
2:30-2:40Dave Angle
2:40-2:50Dawn Sticklen
2:50-3:00Shawnee Fierros Casas Richberger
3:00-3:10Master of Ceremonies -- John Baker
3:10-3:20Julie Rosenfeld/D. Lydia Redding Violin Duo
3:20-3:30Rose Ridge (Jenny Babcock and Tracy Blase)
3:30-3:40Violet Vonder Haar
3:40-3:50Ben Wax
3:50-4:00Isaac VanDyne
4:00-4:10Master of Ceremonies -- Erica Dickson
4:10-4:20Jacob Somerscales & CJ Maus
4:20-4:30Tom Green
4:30-4:40Essien Douglas
4:40-4:50Melissa Bohon
4:50-5:00Nikki Aleto
5:00-5:10Master of Ceremonies -- Erica Dickson
5:10-5:20Alex Fincher & Grace Dablemont
5:20-5:30Trevor Phillippe
5:30-5:40Sara Humm
5:40-5:50Wildy's World
5:50-6:00The Burney Sisters
6:00-6:10Master of Ceremonies -- Sean Spence
6:10-6:20Ken Ostercamp
6:20-6:30John Baker
6:30-6:40Amanda Lay -- Miss Gay City of Columbia
6:40-6:50Of Sea and Stone
6:50-7:00Bryce Atkins
7:00-7:10Master of Ceremonies -- Sean Spence
7:10-7:20Jessica Tappana
7:20-7:30Shaashawn Dial
7:30-7:40Carlot Dorve accompanied by Rochelle Parker 
7:40-7:50Colin LaVaute
7:50-8:00Master of Ceremonies -- Sean Spence


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